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Course Description

This self-paced course is specifically designed for Caribbean students preparing for the January or May/June CSEC Biology examinations. It is ideal for school students, school leavers or adult learners who need study tools to assist in their learning and preparation for exams.

Course Package

When you enroll in this course you get unlimited access to the following study tools:

  • 20 PowerPoint notes with comprehensive coverage of each topic on the syllabus
  • 32 Video tutorials with detailed explanations on key topics
  • 15+ Past Paper Solutions videos to get you familiarized with exam questions on Paper 1 and 2.
  • Downloadable assignments & tests for practice and assessment
  • Videos and guidelines to practicals done for the school based assessment (SBA)

**Check out the class curriculum section below to preview some of the course study tools available.

Course Topics

The course is divided into THREE (3) sections according to the new CSEC Biology syllabus:

  • Section A - Living Organisms In The Environment
    • Characteristics and classification of living organisms
    • Ecological study (sampling methods, biotic and abiotic factors etc)
    • Food chains and food webs
    • Nutrient cycles
    • Symbiotic relationships
    • Recycling
    • Impact of human activities on environment
    • Climate change
    • Human population growth
  • Section B - Life Processes And Disease
    • Cell structure and functions
    • Nutrition (nutrients, diet, digestive system, food tests etc)
    • Respiration and gaseous exchange
    • Transport in animal and plants (heart, blood vessels, blood, phloem, xylem)
    • Excretion and Homeostasis (urinary system, skin, osmoregulation, blood glucose regulation)
    • Movement (skeleton, locomotion etc)
    • Irritability (nervous system, sense organs, endocrine system)
    • Growth and reproduction (reproduction, female/male sex organs, menstrual cycle, embryo development, birth control etc)
    • Disease control
  • Section C - Continuity and Variation
    • Cell division (mitosis and meiosis)
    • Inheritance of characteristics (genetic variation, genetic crosses)
    • Species and biological evolution
    • Natural and artificial selection
    • Genetic engineering


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  • Cash/Bank deposit or transfer (Barbadian residents)


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Your Instructor

Michelle Benskin
Michelle Benskin

Hey I'm Michelle and I can be your Biology tutor.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Biology (Hons.) from the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados and I have tutored CXC Biology and Human & Social Biology from 2010, both online in a virtual classroom and face-to-face in the traditional classroom. My self-paced courses and tutoring are offered to school students, school leavers and adult learners who are in need of the essential study tools and lessons to help them prepare for their exams.

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